Experienced, Discreet and Mindful of Protocol

Our employees are carefully selected, well-trained, experienced professionals who understand the sensitivities of the business and entertainment worlds.

Our chauffeurs are impeccably attired, discreet and mindful of protocol. They will ensure a relaxed, safe and comfortable journey.

BMW skill performance trained, police and NZ transport approved and private hire licensed, our drivers are highly respected tourism ambassadors.

Carol Morgan is the CEO of Platinum Chauffeur Drive. Carol has owned the business since 2006 and has a strong focus on customer service and a passion for  high quality vehicles.
Marty is long serving team member, he has a strong work ethic with a can do attitude. He Strives to maintain the extremely high standards of service requiring when working with discerning clients and an elite team. In his former life Marty had corporate experience with customer service and management roles. As a young man he also served in the NZ Army.
Dave has a background in service based businesses. He has spent most of his working career as an Owner/Director of an Auckland based Auction House. In more recent times Dave owned a small trucking business driving 50 ton articulated vehicles nationwide. Dave has an extensive range of driving skills and experience and a wide variety of other interests including family sport and music. Dave is a keen NewZeander who enjoys showing people around our beautiful country.
Simon has an extensive background in driving. He has driven most makes of heavy trucks as well as seven years as a professional New Zealand fire service driver. He has owned Audis him-self for the last twenty years and appreciates fine motor cars. Simon gets a great deal of satisfaction in being able to deliver his clients anywhere they want to go in style and on time.
Maggie was born and raised in Papatoetoe. Maggie decided to take her OE in 1978 & headed to the USA.  Her father was an ex-American Army serviceman who came to NZ in 1942. The casino/hotel industry was just beginning in Atlantic City and Maggie began her hospitality career that would eventually span 27 years. She returned home in 2005 and worked at SkyCity.  A career change found her driving for an airport based company for serveral years. Maggie joined PCD in 2014 and enjoys working in a professional environment. Outside of driving, her main interests are golf, kayaking and ukulele.
Wayne originally started his working career in the Television service industry in the late 1970's, but chased his dream and passion of creativity in broadcast television production in the early 1980's. Started with the art of quality television field sound recording and then moved on to become a Photojournalist in News and Current affairs for New Zealand's national broadcaster's Television New Zealand. Wayne has spent a lot of that time traveling both nationally and internationally and always worked to achieve an incredibly high production standards as set by producers and field directors. Wayne then started in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in 2014 welcoming International guests to New Zealand's shores and he feels deeply honoured to be able to offer that New Zealand experience and hospitality to guests from all over the world.
Colin has a background in tourism, geography and law. He contributes his wealth of knowledge to help ensure the high value customer experience offered by Platinum Chauffeur Drive. He is a proud Kiwi with considerable overseas experience. No question about New Zealand will remain unanswered with Colin as your guide (even if Google is used as a final reference). A passionate environmentalist his hobbies include keeping New Zealand clean, green and vermin free in our pristine waters.